Britta and the Boys

by Katie McIntyre


Strong-willed and spirited, Britta Christine Stark has a unique way of looking at the world—sometimes to the dismay of her parents and teachers. She prefers to play Princess Leia than to play with dolls, and she’d rather build a Rebel Alliance Base than build her jump-roping skills. She longs for her older sister’s attention, but when she gets it, it isn’t always for the best (although it is always memorable). When an unexpected friend comes along, Britta finally learns the meaning of true friendship that endures throughout her life.  


Come along with Britta as she reminisces about her childhood adventures in small-town Wisconsin. Meet her parents and her sister, Colleen. And learn for yourself why the boys made all the difference in Britta’s world. 



Katherine (Katie) McIntyre is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed School Counselor and Nationally Certified Counselor. Since she was a child, Katie has enjoyed writing. This story is one that Katie has wanted to write for a long time to pay tribute to her childhood and her childhood friends. Katie is thrilled to be teaming up for the second time with her childhood friend and classmate, Dan Romens. Katie and Dan's first book together, How Frederick Found His Light, was published in 2015.  Katie has many hobbies including crafting, writing and spending time with her friends, family, husband Corey, son Ivan and their two pugs, Jimmy and Zelda.

Britta and the Boys - PAPERBACK

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