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  • Bridging Barriers
SKU: 9781645381419

Bridging Barriers


Bridging Barriers: How a Community Changed the Future with Help From Engineers Without Borders USA Volunteers

a novel by Michael Paddock



Memoir - Activism - Volunteer Work

290 pages

ISBN: 9781645381419



Gavina is frustrated. As a midwife with 40 years of experience, she knows what is needed to slash the infant and maternal mortality rates that are ravaging her Guatemalan Highlands community. Only two things stand in her way: a lack of clean water and a raging river nicknamed “The Assassin,” which blocks access to the hospital. Under the mentorship of Mike Shawcross, a crusty old Brit with four decades of international development experience, the Marquette University Engineers Without Borders USA team works with the community to build a water project and construct a bridge that defeats The Assassin. Through engaging personal stories, Bridging Barriers tells of the trials, tribulations and successes of the engineers and community members who gave new hope to La Garrucha.



Michael Paddock grew up in northern Minnesota and attended Michigan Technological University, receiving bachelors degrees in civil engineering and surveying. He is a licensed professional engineer and surveyor whose professional career at CH2M Hill was spent managing teams of over 100 engineers designing infrastructure projects exceeding $1 billion, and he was the youngest-ever recipient of Wisconsin's "Engineer of the Year" award.


After a near-death cancer experience, he was motivated to begin a pro bono engineering career that has delivered over 100 projects with Engineers Without Borders USA, Rotary International, and other nonprofits on five continents over the last 20 years. He currently lives in southeast Wisconsin with his wife Cathy.

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