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  • Blacktooth
SKU: 9781948365079




by Davie Fletcher

Illustrated by Suzanne Beaky


Children's | Fiction

ISBN 9784948365076


Blacktooth is the kind-of-true tale explaining why people are afraid of pirates, pirates are afraid of dentists, and dentists have treasure chests. Come along as Barnacle Bill tells Lizzie the story of Blacktooth, the most feared pirate who ever lived. Find out why boarding the boat of a dentist changed Blacktooth's life - and the lives of all pirates. By the end of Blacktooth's tale, you'll agree that you can't judge a pirate by his eyepatch. With strong characters and beautiful artwork, Blacktooth features the grossest pirate mouth ever to sail the Seven Seas, and explains the real reason dentists have pirate chests. 

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