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  • Beta Delta of Alpha Chi Sigma (A History)

Beta Delta of Alpha Chi Sigma (A History)


Beta Delta of Alpha Chi Sigma (A History)

by Keith Schuette



Nonfiction | Historical

ISBN: 9781645384489

200 Pages



Beta Delta of Alpha Chi Sigma (A History) narrates the story of the Beta Delta chapter of the Alpha Chi Sigma fraternity at the Missouri University of Science and Technology from the birth of an idea to the establishment of a mature and significant contributor to the advancement of the chemical sciences. Its pages reveal the lives of the people who were instrumental in the fraternity's history and chronicle the events that coalesced into an active and vibrant organization at the school today.



Keith Schuette graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla (currently Missouri University of Science & Technology) with a BS in Metallurgical Engineering in 1977 and from Eden Theological Seminary in St. Louis in 1982.  He was initiated into Alpha Chi Sigma by the Beta Delta chapter in 1974.  A resident of West Bend, Wisconsin, he is retired and enjoys his time with his wife Linda, his two children, and his four grandchildren.

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