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  • Behind the Curtain: The Tooth Fairy (A Journalistic Investigation)
SKU: 9781645384700

Behind the Curtain: The Tooth Fairy (A Journalistic Investigation)


Zoey Isabella Sweezy Presents... Behind the Curtain: The Tooth Fairy (A Journalistic Investigation)

Written by Steven Stack

Illustrated by Jayden Shambeau


Middle Grade Fiction – Humor – Quirky – Adventure – Fantasy

Paperback ISBN: 9781645384700

Hardcover ISBN: 9781645384694




Zoey Isabella Sweezy has been participating in this “teeth for coinage” thing with the Tooth Fairy for as long as she's had teeth that don't stay in her mouth. But now, at ten, which is quite the questioning age, she wants to know why. Why would anyone pay money for someone else’s teeth? So, as any good investigator does, she sets out to find the answer once and for all. And, with the help of her loyal sidekick Ralph the Cat, Zoey uncovers the truth of the Tooth Fairy. A truth that she could have never dreamed up, even in her best dreams.


"For anyone who needs a little wonder in their lives, Behind the Curtain: The Tooth Fairy (A Journalistic Investigation), written by Steven Stack and illustrated by Jayden Shambeau, is for you. Written as journal entries, Zoey, a delightful, creative, curious child, investigates the question 'Why does the Tooth Fairy collect the teeth of children and pay for them?' This book is laugh-out-loud funny with an ending that will bring tears to your eyes. Creative, engaging, thoughtful, and beautifully illustrated, this is a story of the Tooth Fairy unlike any you've heard before."  —Dawn Peters, instructional coach at Prairie Elementary School





Steven Stack has been writing for young audiences for a good while now. He began his writing journey in second grade when he crafted the outstandingly complex story Dumb Pilot, featuring a pilot of questionable intelligence. The story riveted his second-grade classmates, including Lisa, with whom he did a puppet show later in the school year. He illustrated Dumb Pilot himself, and in certain lighting the illustrations even resemble a plane and a pilot. Many years later, after writing more stories and dipping his toes into poetry (the heartwarming “DOG” was featured in not only his high school literary magazine but his college one as well), Steven moved on to writing plays. He has published more than thirty plays, racking up over 300 performances in 44 states and eight countries. He has also written a YA novel, The Bottom of the Lake, which was published by Ten16 Press.


When he’s not writing, Steven is a teacher who wears many hats, but the best thing he does is being the dad of his two amazing kids, Chloe and Zoe. They live in the troll capital of the world: Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.


This is his first children’s book, and it was based on an actual letter from the tooth fairy.

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