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  • Be Different at Bigfoot Lake
  • Be Different at Bigfoot Lake
SKU: 9781645385394

Be Different at Bigfoot Lake


Be Different at Bigfoot Lake

Written by Bobbi Cornett

Illustrated by Amy Kleinhans


Children's Picture Book

Belonging | Self-Esteem | Fantasy | Friendship


ISBN PB: 9781645385394

ISBN HC: 9781645385417



Take an enchanted journey through the magical forest that surrounds Bigfoot Lake. Along the way, you’ll meet some interesting friends and discover that being different makes hanging out at the lake so much more fun! Let’s jump in, splash around, and see why everybody LOVES Bigfoot Lake!



Bobbi Cornett is an award-winning author and creator of the Taulbee series, which recently won the Golden Wizard Book Prize. Bobbi is a small-town sweetheart who enjoys hiking, kayaking, giving back to her community, and spending time with her family and dogs. She is excited to continue her journey of writing children’s books by introducing the newest addition to her book family, Be Different at Bigfoot Lake. She wants current and future readers of her books to always believe in the connections we share, embrace being different, and find joy in the journey. She hopes that each book brings lots of snuggle-time memories and plenty of bedtime laughter. 

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