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  • Battle Courage: Channeling That Inner Warrior to Defeat Adversity
SKU: 9781948365864

Battle Courage: Channeling That Inner Warrior to Defeat Adversity


Battle Courage: Channeling That Inner Warrior to Defeat Adversity

a novel by Kaye Henrickson



Memoir - Health - Sickness

206 pages

ISBN: 9781948365864



At least you have the “good” cancer!

You go girl; you’ve got this!

Good for you—Now, you can use this as motivation!


What do you say to someone who has just been hit with the gut-punch of a cancer diagnosis, or in my case, stage III, aggressive breast cancer? How are we supposed to navigate the life-altering roller coaster rides of life with any amount of grace when all we really want to do is scream?  When facing seemingly insurmountable challenges, how do we prevent ourselves from falling headfirst into the abyss of fear, doubt, mutilation, and yes . . . hopelessness?




No concretes. No panaceas. No prescriptive, five-step plan to deal with the fight of your life. I certainly don’t have the answers. No one does. These are simply the unfiltered truths of my journey of harnessing a hidden warrior princess mentality to battle hurricane gale-force winds of adversity. Feel free to insert your own moniker for “cancer.”  We all encounter adversity. Sometimes it’s a knock down, drag-out experience. How we wipe off the blood and iron out the kinks in our armor is what matters. That’s what makes life, well . . . life. Let’s navigate it together with a few giggles, eyebrow raises, and tears along the way. It’s true. Together, we are better.



Kaye Henrickson is a wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend. And oh, a breast cancer survivor. Check that, she's a warrior princess thriver. Kaye has served in the education field her entire career, sharing her passion for writing, learning, and creative expression with learners of all ages. Kaye shares her story with audiences, both large and small, with hopes of helping people unleash their own inner warrior, regardless of the adversity they face. Kaye spends her time away from the written word with her best friend, Dave, family and friends, and of course, their rescue princess pooch, Geneva. Preferably, somewhere near woods or water.

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