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  • Awakened Deceptions
SKU: 9781943331697

Awakened Deceptions


Awakened Deceptions

Book I in The Awakened Series

a novel by BeJae Ladd



Fiction | Romance | Erotic

416 Pages


ISBN: 9781943331697




Gabrielle Lawrence is a fashion-forward designer in 1969 New York City chasing independence and self-discovery. Nick Caine is a man who makes no apologies for the way he regards women. When their two worlds collide, Gabrielle’s intriguing feistiness coupled with her overwhelming beauty bewitches the smooth womanizer. Now, as Nick’s past begins to claw its way back to the surface, their newfound love is thrown into a whirlwind of deception.




BeJae Ladd is a first-time author, a working wife and mother with two married adult sons, and a grandmother to six. She is from the Midwest near Waukesha, Wisconsin, and loves to travel and read. Her love of the written word prompted her to dust off the novel that has been in her head for over thirty years and tell the story of Gabrielle and Nick.

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