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  • Aries: Book One in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES
SKU: 9781645383741

Aries: Book One in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES


Aries: Book One in the ZODIAC DOZEN SERIES 

Written by Oliver Bestul 


Middle Grade Fiction – Adventure – Astrological Mythology 

ISBN 9781645383741




Aaron has always considered himself a pretty normal kid: enjoying normal hobbies, attending a normal seventh-grade class, and living in the normal neighborhood of Bay View in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The only difference between him and the other twelve-year-olds in town? A mysterious dream of landing in Lake Michigan from outer space that visits him once a year. Well, that, and the fact that he has a super-powered forehead - but everyone’s got their quirks, right?


Though he’s never thought much of his yearly dream, some advice from his father causes Aaron to look into it. Could it be some sort of memory? Could the key to understanding it be at the bottom of the lake? Soon, his search introduces him to scuba diver duo Darius and Sierra. Turns out, Aaron might not be the only one who’s ever had the dream - or who has special powers - as his two new friends seem oddly familiar with both already.


With the constellations as their guide, the friends begin to suspect that there might be even more of their kind - twelve different kids, each with their own star-powered ability! Now, it’s just a matter of finding the other nine; thus begins the formation of the Zodiac Dozen!




Oliver Bestul lives in the Bay View neighborhood of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and has been writing there since he was in his teens.


With a picture book, a few plays, some poetry, and a feature-length film under his belt, he decided to try his hand at entertaining a new kind of audience: middle-schoolers! Inspired by the chapter books and comics of his youth, he sat down and started The Zodiac Dozen, a 12-book superhero series for kids!


In writing the series, he likes to say he gives his young readers a lot of credit, challenging them to explore new vocabulary, genres, and life outlooks. Like the twelve main characters of his books, he’s excited to grow from the adventure alongside his audience!


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