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  • Ari J.’s Firefly Rescue
SKU: 9781645385325

Ari J.’s Firefly Rescue


Ari J.'s Firefly Rescue

Written by Ain Heath Drew

Illustrated by Shamar Knight-Justice


Exploring | Nature | Kindness

ISBN PB: 9781645385325
ISBN HC: 9781645385349




Ari J. is visiting her grandparents’ home in Tennessee for the first time. While sitting on the grand porch one night, she sees a twinkle flash across the yard, followed by more twinkles. As she wonders what they are, her grandfather tells her that there have been fairy sightings in the area.


“Fairies! Well, we need to get to the bottom of this!” Ari exclaims, curious and ready to explore.


After her grandmother captures one in a jar, Ari is in for a surprise, as well as a lesson about compassion and connecting with nature.




Ain loves writing beautiful stories for children. She also likes hanging out with her son, DJ, traveling, being outdoors, trying new types of cuisines, and spending quality time connecting with family and friends. Ain currently lives in Stone Mountain, GA, but she spent most of her life in Detroit, MI. She spent many summers in Nashville, catching fireflies after sunset. Ari J.’s Firefly Rescue is a follow-up to Ain’s first children’s book, Ari J.’s Kinky, Curly Crown.

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