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  • An Auntie's Love
SKU: 9781645382584

An Auntie's Love


An Auntie's Love

Written by Dana Jean

Illustrated by Julie Wells


Children's | Family

PB ISBN: 9781645382584

HC ISBN: 9781645382591




A beautiful children's book guaranteed to make you smile, or perhaps shed a few tears. Aunties have a very special bond with their nieces & nephews, and this story emulates the pure joy of spending time together in all the fun ways. It also emphasizes the power of what we say to our nieces & nephews and our desire for them to be their most authentic selves.


Note from the author:

Being an auntie has been the most amazing experience for me, and I hope this book brings happiness and a reminder of the bond you have being an auntie. 

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