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  • Amber Eyes
SKU: 9781645383925

Amber Eyes


Amber Eyes

A novel by Eli Pritzl



Paranormal Romance - Historical Fiction - LGBTQ+

210 pages

ISBN: 9781645383925



In the year 1758, Thaddeus Avalone becomes a man by human standards, but he is not human. He’s a shapeshifting noble who suffers from anxiety, depression, and abuse. On the day of his eighteenth birthday, Thaddeus is slated for an arranged marriage, betrothed to a young woman whose family of grims is responsible for guarding the secrecy of London’s supernatural creatures. Yet, on the same night, Thaddeus finds himself infatuated with Atlas Charron, a flamboyant male human.


All at once, Thaddeus’ life is entangled in secrets—a forbidden love affair, hiding his identity as a shifter, and rampant rumors surrounding his engagement. As his father’s hidden battle for supernatural supremacy escalates, Thaddeus fears that he will lose not only Atlas, but his life.



ELI PRITZL is a nonbinary, first-time author living in northcentral Wisconsin with their fiancé and pack of large, fluffy dogs and two cats. Their heart truly sings when enjoying hobbies such as cosplaying, working with miniatures, reading and, of course, writing! Since adolescence, Eli has been drawn to folk, fairy and make-believe stories involving the supernatural. Readers will find their own interpretation of such tales reflected in Amber Eyes and other planned works. They have received an associate’s degree in arts and science from the University of Wisconsin–Marathon, as well as an associate’s in accounting from Northcentral Technical College. Eli’s goal for this series (and all their writing) is to provide representation for the LGBTQ+ community and those with mental and physical disabilities in romance fiction.  

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