“Did you know there is light inside of everyone? 
There is. 
And did you know you can catch it and share it with the world? 
You can.”


Listen to Addison tell the story of her super-duper light catcher. She made it when her brother with special needs was born to catch his light and share it with the world. This story about love, admiration and the special bond between siblings sheds light on the power of advocacy and the magic inside of everyone. Addison the Light Catcher is a must have for every household.


Addison the Light Catcher is the first book in the Gnat & Corky Series, which shares universal stories based on the spirit of real kids. With words and watercolor author/illustrator duo Gnat & Corky bring beautiful messages to life for all ages. Visit www.gnatandcorky.com and have the kid in your life answer Gnat & Corky’s questions, they could be the next book!

Addison the Light Catcher - hardcover

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