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  • A Tree Named Ted
SKU: 9781645383253

A Tree Named Ted


A Tree Named Ted

Written by Brooke Hafs

Illustrated by Rachel Joanna


28 pages

Children's Picture Book

PB ISBN: 9781645383253

HC ISBN: 9781645383260




A Tree Named Ted is a story about nature and its healing powers. It takes us through the different stages of a woman’s life and the worries that consume her mind during each phase. She looks to a tree named Ted for guidance and wisdom. He is a reliable source of knowledge and insight whenever she comes calling.

This book was written to teach kids how to deal with problems and stress in a healthy way. This coping skill should be nurtured and developed throughout childhood to promote positive thinking throughout one’s entire life. 




Brooke Hafs is a two-time Emmy Award–winning journalist. She worked for nearly a decade in the broadcast news industry as a morning anchor, reporter, and producer in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and her time spent in this career field exposed an obvious need for children’s books about mental health. She enjoys backpacking, skiing, and yoga, and nature has always served as an outlet for anxiety and stress while working a demanding job with three young children. It has become Brooke’s mission to encourage people of all ages to utilize the beauty of the outdoors as a coping mechanism for today’s busy and hectic world.

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