A Home That Builds Civility

by Ann Lingelbach

Illustrated by Mollie Ginther


A Home That Builds Civility is Anne Lingelbach's fourth book. It is a children's book illustrating the elements of civil behavior by using the metaphor of building a home. Her previous books include: Oomph: A World of Words, a playful dictionary of unusual words designed to engage young writers; In My Father's Garden, a collection of acrostic poetry written in memory of her father and his eclectic garden; and More Oomph: An ABC Book Celebrating Nature, a collection of nature words from around the world that are fun and add oomph to the writing of young authors. Before beginning her second career as an author, Anne was an elementary educator for forty-four years. She currently shares her home with her third rescued dog, Moia, a small white Maltese. Miss Moia is a sweet companion who brings a great deal of love into the household.

A Home That Builds Civility - PAPERBACK

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